Thursday, 20 December 2012

That The Stuff I Don't Like

Thought I'll do this Tag that was going around Youtube.

Here are the things I DON'T like.
1. People who claim to be being real but are just being plain rude

2. People who talk because they like the sound of their own voice

3. When nail polish claims to dry in 60 seconds but in fact takes ten minutes (I'm not patient)

4. When old people get on the trains at rush hour (walk too slow to be in Central London at this time)

5. When people don't dress according to what suits their size and flatter them

6. When I accidentely poke my eye with my mascara

7. When I can't get my make-up or hair looking as good as it did the day before

8. When I forget my umbrella at home (It can rain at any time in London)

9. When my nose is cold

10. People who think they're good at something and no one in their circle of friends will tell them they're not

11. People with political/religious/ any opinions soo strong they won't even listen properly to another point of view

12. 'This summer I went to help a charity out in Africa' , OK, so you went to every country in Africa? Say which one!

13. When people explain things the longest way possible and could have said the same thing in four words.

14. People that keep me waiting when they planned the time I should get their

15. When it's too hot outside

16. When I lose stuff

17. When people ask irrelevent questions

18. When I'm sitting opposite someone on the train and they keep staring at me, awkward

19. Being ill

20. When I cook food for myself and everyone in the house is suddenly hungry when I already asked if you were hungry.

21. Boys with bad chat up lines. Guy X : 'Erm do you like fashion' Me: 'Yes' X: 'Good then I can take you out and we can discuss fashion, you see I'm a good guy and a girl like you needs to be put in Cavalli'  :sGuy Z: 'Hey i'm new to this place do you know any like interesting places to go, like cinemas' Me: 'Yes theirs one about 15 minutes away take bus XXX' Z: 'Ah cool, do you think you think we could go their together some day, you see I haven't made any friends round here yet' (Please note none of this is made up)

22. Junk mail in my inbox

I don't think I dislike too many things :)

Fashion.D x

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