Thursday, 20 December 2012

2012 Trends I'm Glad I Did Not/Did Follow#

Let's start with the trends I'm glad I did not follow.

The first is the trainer/heel/wedge. I don't think it looks too bad when worn with the right items ie black trainers, black skinny trousers and something loose on top. But I couldn't bring myself to buy into this trend because it is exactly that..a trend.. that  i see only lasting till early 2013, definitely not an investment piece that can be worn with many items.

Second is the bucket bag made infamous by Zara

I see so many women every day wearing this bag, of all ages and theirs nothing wrong with that but they just look so uncomfortable carrying it. It cant be worn on the shoulder as the handles are too small so you end up uncomfortably wearing this wide bag on your arm with your wrist flapping about...Not me. Also for the expensive price that they retail for, it looks like a cheap bag.

American Apparel disco pants

I don't get why, WHY, women wear these leggings in the day time, their too shiny and in my opinion if you have a bit of tum please don't wear these tucked into your top.

Now for the trends I am glad I did follow.

Firstly, leather leggings/trousers. They are surprisingly really flattering and can be dressed down with smart flats or trainers or dressed up with a pair of sparkly heels. There are some great panel designs out their as well which mixes cotton and leather. I like to wear mine with knee high boots.

Secondly, thigh high boots. I bought some Diesel ones from TKmaxx their suede and I have lived in them since starting uni this Sep. Now, thigh high boots have the potential to look slutty and tacky but those types usually involve cheap leather and a skinny heel. What I like about my Diesel boots is that they are flat and have a causal Timberland looking sole. Also the sued texture paired with my leather leggings looks great.

These ones are from Next
Black Over-The-Knee Rider Boots

Finally sweaters. Big, colourful ones. I'll be living in these till winter ends.

A Question Of Patterned SweatshirtSweatshirt Yellow With Ribbed Cuffs And WaistbandCipriana Gothic Cross Sweatshirt

Did you follow/not follow any of these trends?

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