Friday, 21 January 2011

Golden Globes : Oui Ou Non...


 She carries herself so well. I'm so glad she didn't hide her figure in frills and fluff. I love the one shoulder dress and the trail which makes the dress look elegant yet youthful at the same time.

It's different to the more revealing and figure hugging outfits she usually wears. Her hair is perfect as it doesn't take away the attention from her soft make up. Theirs nothing wrong with looking like a mature grown woman. 


Yeah she looks suprise. The emerald colour is perfect and so is the style of the dress on her. She doesn't allow the dress to drown her and seriously owns it.


I love the simplicity of her hair and makeup but why have so many graphics on such a beautifully cut dress ?

This dress does Halle more justice from the side than from the front. It's just not right for the event and belongs more at the bedroom. It literally looks likes she's wrapped a chiffon material on a corset. But who really cares ? she's gorgeous nonetheless.

Ooo where do I start. Well let me just say firstly i'm not her biggest fan. She's just trying waay to hard. The colour of the dress is terrible and it does nothing to emphasise her small frame it just makes me want to eat candy floss...yum. Thumbs down..way down!

Fashion.D x

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