Wednesday, 19 January 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...

1. Sheer Clothing.
It gives an angelic and eerie feel to any outfit. Chiffon is timeless and really makes an outfit look more sophisticated and chic. I absolutely LOVE it.

Navy Cloud Print Wrap Blouse

Peach Grandad Collar Shirt

2.Peg Trousers.
 This is the replacement of the harems. They're more fitted and just so happen to look amazing with a chiffon shirt. I'll definitely be investing in the camel coloured ones below from Top Shop...not sure how well it would look on my not so narrow frame though :-s

ASOS Tailored Crepe Pleat Front Peg TrouserSand Chino Trousers

3. Barbour Jackets.
Of course I couldn't afford the real one which is around £100 so I settled for the ASOS version which will be my staple jacket for spring. These jackets are just so...British and look even tastier on guys :)

Fashion.D x.

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